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“Growing numbers of men and women believe that this city is a maze. They are leaving their jobs, their families, their entire lives behind. Every day, they walk the streets, opening doors. They are searching for a door they are convinced has been lost for thousands of years: the exit. What’s behind it? Something else. Something new. Using a strange system of maps, symbols and measurements, one believer — Alice — now thinks she has found it.”

EXIT is now available to rent or buy in most English-speaking countries through iTunes. It’s also on Hulu, Amazon Instant, and selected cable providers in North America.

EXIT had its world premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia Festival on August 4, 2011. They call it “one of the best science fiction films of the year, merging a small budget with big ideas.” Its UK premiere was at the SCI-FI-LONDON film festival on May 7, 2012: “Part sci-fi, part psychological drama: existentialism has never looked and sounded so good.”

Some reviews after the SCI-FI-LONDON screening:

Twitch: “The world of the film feels very unnatural, and you almost wish you could go inside and help them find their salvation. This is a quiet, deliberately somewhat uncomfortable, and engaging film, meant for rainy afternoons when you can leave the theatre and walk the streets and wonder. Heavy, most definitely, but not unbearably so.”

Eye For Film: “Exit has the feel of an urban riff on Stalker, with the long sought after exit door promising much the same as the room at the heart of The Zone in Tarkovsky’s peerless science fiction classic. Charlie Kaufman, Jean-Luc Godard and the Davids Cronenberg and Lynch come to mind as well, though Polgar and Pedler are no mere imitators as Exit is possessed of its own clear style.”

Quiet Earth: “Marek Polgar’s Exit focuses on its characters’ Ballardian psychological makeup, exploring their rationalizations and obsessive motivations. […] It’s an incredible film in its own right, which is in dire need of an explanatory sequel.”

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