Martyn Pedler




“Growing numbers of men and women believe that this city is a maze. They are leaving their jobs, their families, their entire lives behind. Every day, they walk the streets, opening doors. They are searching for a door they are convinced has been lost for thousands of years: the exit. What’s behind it? Something else. Something new. Using a strange system of maps, symbols and measurements, one believer — Alice — now thinks she has found it.”

Our movie, EXIT, is now available to rent or buy in most English-speaking countries through iTunes. (Though not Australia right now, annoyingly.) It’s also on Hulu and Amazon Instant and selected cable providers in North America.

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I’m a writer and critic in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia.

The movie of my first feature screenplay, EXIT, premiered at Montreal’s Fantasia Festival in 2011.

I’m a PhD student at the University of Melbourne, currently completing an interdisciplinary thesis on superhero stories called X-Ray Vision. I received a Masters in Creative Writing back 2003 for Zero Zero Zero – a novella about how disappointed we all were when the world didn’t end on New Year’s Eve 1999.

I’ve been a film critic for Time Out Melbourne and Triple J Magazine. I was the comic book columnist for the literary site Bookslut, too. My essay ‘Fake Politics for the Real America’ won the 2009 Australian Film Critics Association Award for ‘Writing on Non-Australian Film’.

Weirder still:

  • I’ve been a pop culture writer for The Australian Ballet
  • Part of the writing team of the Australian comedy TV show Rove Live
  • Had a three-month exhibition based on my fiction at the Old Treasury Museum
  • Run the First Year creative writing course at Swinburne University
  • Spoken about superheroes at San Diego Comic-Con in 2009, and
  • Interviewed Paul Thomas Anderson in front of Melbourne’s packed Astor Theatre in 2012.

You can email me, or find me on twitter, if you like.